Small Business Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Marketing your company does not have to cost thousands of dollars each year. Many small businesses can do things to help build their brand without breaking the bank. Taking the time to do the right research and boosting networking levels are free and simple.

Find your target audience

Make sure your management team knows who your direct competitors are and how they reach people. Do they use online ads? Do they promote on radio or television? How far does their social media presence reach? The answers to these questions are exactly what your management needs to know so that they can market in the same manner. Find out what type of people purchase your products by conducting a simple survey at the checkout. Figuring out your target audience is a huge part of the equation in small business marketing. Look for similarities in age or family type. Your team needs to find ways to beat out the competition in marketing to reach people first.

Optimize your website

Hiring a web design firm to streamline your site to make it more efficient is an excellent way to spread your marketing dollars further. The easier that people can use a website, and the more it keeps their attention, the better chance of them becoming a paying customer. By using SEO strategies, your website manager can ensure that people find your site because it will rank at the top of local searches. Getting people to shop local involves online marketing because most people compare products and services online before making a purchase.

Use social media

If your company does not market on social media, then you are missing out on a ton of business. Almost everyone uses Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Tinder, or Twitter. Your company must be ready to interact with people on any level so that you remain competitive. Most social media ads cost around $50 depending on what options you choose making it extremely affordable for any small business.

Go mobile

Just as important as social media is mobile marketing. Your small business should have a site that is easily reached by any cellphone or tablet on the market. This gives people immediate access to your business no matter where they are or what device they choose to use. It also makes it easier for your management staff to respond to questions and concerns on their own mobile devices.

Network, network, and network some more

Being connected to other small businesses, local shops, and small business owners that are known for being successful in your area is an exceptional way to help your company thrive and grow. By marketing each other, all firms in the network get more customers to visit their websites and shop in person by adding quality Internet links that drive traffic to your site.

By strategically studying your competition, and marketing in the places that your customers most often visit, you can reach more people who want your services and products. The key is to conduct solid research before making a plan because investigating is free. Networking does not cost a dime either.

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